Forthcoming Gigs

Sun 20th Feb, Jazz for Juniors with Derek Nash at St Georges in Bristol 12noon workshop followed by 2pm show

Fri 25th Feb, Jazz for Juniors, Imagine Children's Festival, Festival Hall Ballroom, 1pm

My name is Trudy Kerr and I'm a jazz singer welcome to Jazz for Juniors.  

I've a real passion for jazz music and have been performing around the world for many years.

I've always been involved in jazz education and enjoy sharing my love of jazz with others especially children.  I was inspired by own children to record a jazz cd for kids and released Jazz for Juniors to critical acclaim.  After the success of the CD, I thought it would be a great idea to perform the songs to a live audience.  Now we have 'Jazz for Juniors 'the live show'  designed especially for kids in schools or to be performed in theatres or as part of Festivals.  

During our one hour long jazz adventure we bring jazz music to children in a fun and exciting way.  We have an educational content - and talk about the history  of jazz music from its origins of slavery, marching bands and the blues through to today.   I'm joined on stage by a band of brilliant UK jazz musicians and their instruments - Piano, bass, drums, saxophone and trumpet make up our jazz for juniors band.  We introduce children to the instruments and how they work as well as how the instruments fit together to make up the sound of our jazz band.  We demonstrate improvisation and call and response as well as introducing the audience to some elementary musical terms.

We love to get the kids involved as much as possible with lots of audience participation from singing and clapping to marching, dancing and movement, there's even a drum lesson for a lucky volunteer.

We also offer a workshop following the performance for students who play musical instruments.  From, piano and drums to violins and tubas all are welcome - this helps kids who already play an instrument to put some jazzy ideas into practice.

We hope to take you on our jazzy adventure soon.

keep swingin now!