Recent Jazz for Juniors Performances

Sydenham High School

"Thank you very much for the entertainment last Monday. It was a treat and a half! Its rare to hear music of this quality. (Andrew Baars - Head of Music)

Lots of enthusiasm and a very lively show, was good to have the factual historical background, I enjoyed the audience participation, good choice of songs and great to have the words to sing along. (Students of Sydenham High)

Bromley Road Infant School

"The show introduced children to live jazz music and they learnt about the piano, drums, double bass, trumpet and saxophone.  It was a fantastic opportunity for all the children to create and learn about jazz"  Pat Goddard - Headteacher

Sevenoaks Festival

This is the second year running I've seen Jazz for Juniors at Sevenoaks Festival.  Great fun for the kids and educational too!  The workshop was excellent and it was great to see so many young musicians up on stage - we look forward to next year  John James - Jazz Lover

Brecon Jazz Festival

"What a great mornings entertainment by these versatile jazz musicians.  A really wonderful performance for all the family - I've been coming to jazz festivals for many years and thoroughly enjoyed it as much as the children and learnt a lot too!"  Jackie Stain - Jazz Enthusiast

Spark Festival

St Edward's Primary

Pupils response - Fantastic - really enjoyed it - caome out singing and dancing.

A great performance.  Very professional - enjoyed by staff and pupils.  Very age appropriate - we were advised Yr3 up but our Yr 2 loved it

 Braunstone Frith Primary

Pupils response - They really enjoyed it and all joined in.  they were all enthusiastic and buzzing afterwards.

Suitable for a variety of year groups.  Children engaged with it at many diferent levels.  Production was excellent and the children learned a lot about jazz and instruments.

  Greenfields Primary

Pupils response - Fantastic - children responded enthusiastically throughout

Yrs 3 - 5 content was fine for all 3 year groups.  A good mix of information and entertainment.  A great introduction to the history of jazz.  Singing and Playing wonderful!

Vale of Catmose College

Absolutely brilliant.  Such great entertainment.  Very responsive and participatory.

Ashby Baptist Church

Content, quality and suitability for children was very good.